Early start


Depression scale: 4/10

Got off to an early start today and was fairly productive. Stressed about bills, still mad about getting towed, but… all in all, feeling pretty good.


… Don’t let (your car get towed) away


Depression scale: 4/10

So between my part time job and some Uber to make a couple extra bucks, my car got towed. I parked on the side, put my flashers on, and ran inside for less than 5 minutes to use the bathroom and grab something. It’s not a fire lane, but there were no open spaces in my complex (because they haven’t enforced the permit parking they claim to).

Glad I worked so much so I could afford to pay them.

On the plus side, I’m way too pissed off right now for it to affect my depression at the moment. I’m sure I’ll feel it in a few days. I guess we’ll see…

Mixed bag


Depression scale: 5/10

Today was interesting. I failed to wake up to work out. Well, in fairness, I woke up, but was immediately struck with a sense of hopelessness and literally paralyzing anxiety. My alarm went off at 6am, but I couldn’t force myself to move until 830 (and not for lack of effort). I finally got up, pushed past it and actually had a productive day.

Still a lazy fatass, though. But working on it.

A little down and a little up


Depression score: 3/10

Weight: 262.4


Considering I did basically no exercise and honestly didn’t eat great (although less bad than usual), I’m actually pleasantly surprised. Made enough to finish paying off rent (if a bit late) and going to keep at it.

My goal is to start waking up early enough that I can go to the gym, get a good workout in, then Uber until my part time evening job. I’ve been pretty bad about it, so let’s see how long I can keep it up.